audiovisual artist
                                   Film - 8mm, 35mm, 16mm Steenback, Premier, After Effects
                     Photography - 35mm, 120/medium format, B & W film developing, Photoshop

        In 2015 I qualified as an HSE Commercial Diver for filming underwater and completed a diploma 
in Marine Biology with Distinction. 


                                                   e-mail:  evlogimenou.arte@gmail.com

                                                       instagram:  artemis.evlogimenou



- Liquid Vibrations short documentary, screened at RSA Fellow Astists’ Network: Film Night 2017, UK
- C'est Celestial (collab.), screened at the Athens International Film & Video Festival 2015, Canada
- Live visuals for Lèse Majesté, supporting act of Zun Zun Egui at Cafe OTO, 2015, UK
- Live visuals for Concrete Songsheet at the Roundhouse, 2013, UK
- AOI 36 Illustration Award for New Talent - SILVER, The Association Of Illustrators, 2012, UK
- Performance Design for the English Pocket Opera Company (collab.), 2012, UK
- Interactive Installation at New Cross Police Sation, 2011, UK
- Live performance with animated visuals (collab.) - It, Stoke Newington International Airport, 2010, UK
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