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My work focuses on materialising the invisible, such as, emotions, concepts and beliefs. I draw inspiration from three, lifelong fascinations - anthropology, sound and nature. By engaging people in my art, I hope to communicate the fragility of our planet and its raw beauty. I use digital and analogue processes for film, sound and photography and combine them with interactive installations, when I present my personal work. In 2015, I qualified as an HSE Commercial Diver for filming underwater and completed a diploma in Marine Biology, in order to deal with my addiction to the ocean. Both my backgrounds in theatre and drawing feed and enhance my ways of working and I am strongly guided by sound and music. Surrealism is a form of expression I use in a lot of my work, to describe emotional states and how I conceive human constructs of reality. 

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There is no hierarchy when it comes to creating work that is personal, emotional and artistic. Everyone is involved in creating the final outcome and even thought there is always a plan, by staying tuned into the moment - experimenting and improvising on the spot - is where a lot of the magic happens. 


Movement and embodied experience has always played an important role in my work, even as a performance designer, which is why I was invited to train with the SITI theatre group in 2011, during my studies. There, I took part in an intensive physical workshop that focused on the Suzuki Method of Actor Training and Viewpoints which “represent a clear-cut procedure and attitude that is nonhierarchical, practical and collaborative in nature.” - Anne Bogart. That summer heavily influenced my work and to this day, I use both trainings in various forms to aid me in developing my projects.

I am always looking for any excuse to be in the water, so if you have any underwater ideas or plans, please, get in touch. I have been diving since 2007 and I qualified as a PADI Rescue Diver in 2014, always with an up to date First Aid Certificate. Check out my showreel for underwater projects I have taken on.


 Sound & Photography installation for the project West of the Sun, East of the Moon , group exhibition with the Collective Makers at the National Maritime Museum, March 2023 - Feb 2024, UK

Moving the New - Residency Programme at the Dance House in Limassol, March - October 2023, Cyprus

Nail Clippings: World Without Sun, Official Selection 50th Athens International Film and Video Festival, Experimental Category, April 2023, USA 

- Interactive installation μελωδία for the project ξόρκια / incantations (part of the Arctic Circle Residency) at Synergio Performing Arts Centre, March 2023, Cyprus

- West of the Sun, East of the Moon photograph published on F-STOP MAGAZINE, ISSUE #117: Black & White,, Feb - March 2023, online
- Lusted Men, group photography exhibition at Dos Mares with the project Cherry Tree & Spring, 2022, France
- Mediterranean Madness, Official Selection for the Multicultural Film Festival 2022, 2022, Aus
- 8 days outside the promised castle - Associate artist l for the online and interactive performance by K. Skalionta, 19th Summer Dance Festival, 2022, Cyprus 

- Be My Home - Dance film for Konstantina Skalionta, screened at the 19th Summer Dance Festival, 2022, Cyprus

- The Arctic Circle Residency for the project ξόρκια / incantations, April 2022, Arctic Circle & Cyprus 

- Music video for the song Little Girl by Abi & Chris Cara, was part of the official selection at Apex Short Film & Music Video Festival, Feb, 2022, USA

- Mediterranean Madness, Official Selection to the 9th International Video Poetry Festival,2021, Australia

- Youth Maker Space Residency & Interactive Installation for the project ξόρκια / incantations, Sept - Nov 2021, Cyprus 
- mono no aware & C'est Celestial - New Era - Virtual Group exhibition at, Feb - March, 2021, online
- Be My Home - Dance film for Konstantina Skalionta, screened at NiMAC as part of the exhibition Seeking Roots, 2021, Cyprus

- Lusted Men group photography exhibition at Festival Photo Saint Germain with the project Cherry Tree & Spring, 2021, France

 - Mediterranean Madness, Finalist for the QPF Film and Poetry Challenge, 2020, Australia

- Once there was a forest, lighting & live visuals for a collaborative performance, Papadakis Warehouses, Cyprus 2020

- Lusted Men group photography exhibition at Le Hasard Ludique with the project Cherry Tree & Spring, 2020, France

- Selected for Imago Lisboa Portfolio Review for the project ξόρκια / incantations, 2019, Portugal
- Colab Scotland, The Glasgow Gallery of Photography (group exhibition), 2019, Scotland
- Live visuals for the band Ode to Lucius at Bold, 2019, England
- Paradise Jazz Festival short documentary, screened at inJazz Conference, 2019, Holland
- Liquid Vibrations short documentary, screened at RSA Fellow Artists’ Network: Film Night 2017, England
- Live visuals for the band Lèse-majesté (various venues), 2014 - 2016, England
- C'est Celestial (collab. with composer Marina Elderton), screened at the Athens International Film & Video Festival 2015, USA

- Live visuals for Concrete Songsheet at the Roundhouse, 2013, England
- Ideastap 1st prize for the short film Fall, a collaboration with musician Grace Banks, 2012, England
- Guest Speaker for the Designs on eLearning Conference, 2012, England
- AOI 36 Illustration Award for New Talent - SILVER, The Association Of Illustrators, 2012, England
- Performance Design for the English Pocket Opera Company - Bluebeard's Castle (collab.), 2012, England
- Multi-sensory Interactive Installation - White Noise, at New Cross Police Sation, 2011, England
- Live performance with animated visuals (collab.) - It, Stoke Newington International Airport, 2010, England
- ECCA (Enterprise Centre for the Creative Arts) - 1st prize for creative writing, 2010, England

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