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West of the Sun, East of the Moon


‘West of the Sun, East of the Moon’ is a sound and photography installation exploring the theme of transformation and my personal connection to water.

The installation was presented as part of a group exhibition curated by

The Collective Makers, at the National Maritime Museum in London, Greenwich from February 2023 until February 2024.

Each animal represented in both the analogue photographs and the sound relates to an aspect of a specific civilisation and their connection and respect towards nature and various water sources. In my work, I always aim to to communicate the fragility of our planet and its raw beauty and through this project I wanted to focus on the underwater world of which we know so little about.




Water’s association with fertility, femininity, birth and rebirth are only a few of the themes explored. I researched into the meaning and symbolism of water and the mythological creatures that inhabit it, from various ancient and indigenous cultures and represented my perception of them in 6 black and white analogue photographs. 




Sounds from unfamiliar habitats brimming with life are unveiled reminding us of how little we know about underwater life. Our present day society focuses on image, consequently giving less importance to noise pollution - an increasingly recognised anthropogenic stressor. Our preservation of these environments ensures the health and survival of marine and freshwater organisms which rely on sound for mating, protection and feeding.


‘Te Pō’ is a composition of field recordings of underwater sounds, from Michael Peters, environmental organisations, online resources and myself.

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