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Read more on the way I approach photography and film in the ABOUT section and on my BLOG.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you travel for shoots?

Yes - I am based in Cyprus but I'm happy to travel anywhere in the world.

What is the turn around time for handing over work?

Turn around time varies depending on the flexibility of the project and on the amount of work I have on at the time. This topic will be discussed and sorted out, once we decide to work together.

How do we plan a session if we live in different locations?

There is always a lot of planning and organising before a shoot. We will go through everything together and I will come up with a plan suited for the project at hand. Technology and COVID have well prepared all of us for any remote work. I shot and edited a whole music video for UK based artist, without travelling abroad. Everything is possible.

Do you hand in RAW footage or images?

The shooting and the editing process go hand in hand. The final image relies on both so I don't hand over RAW files. Have no fear - there will be plenty of images and/or clips to choose from by the end of our collaboration.

Skin retouching - how far will you take it?

I think you are beautiful just the way you are. I will remove temporary marks and skin blemishes but I don't do any heavy retouching. We will discuss beforehand if there is something specific you are self-conscious about and how we can work around it.

Do you offer discounts?

Prices are fixed, however there are plenty of packages and sessions to choose from.

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