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Nail Clippings: World Without Sun 

A short film starring the one and only Konstantina Skalionta     

loneliness [ˈləʊnlɪnɪs] noun

Loneliness is the state of feeling alone; it is often correlated with feelings of anxiety, withdrawal and low self-esteem that in turn, are accompanied by a lack of social integration, restlessness, hostility and distrust. Loneliness is usually located in the torso, at the height of the heart.

Our battle with reality and what we discard as non essential to our well being is important. Loneliness and depression, are linked and unfortunately they play an important role in the societies we form today. How much does our way of living contribute to these feelings? To what degree does loneliness transform into a self-imposed situation, due to our detachment from nature and a lack of connection with ourselves and those around us? ‘Nail Clippings: World Without Sun’ explores these three relationships, using humour and surrealist imagery.


The aim of this short was to create a humoristic approach on a heavy topic and to visualise an emotional situation which, I believe, can be altered if we all face our own realities. The film was shot and produced in Cyprus. The script is based on notes I was writing whilst battling with depression and even the clothes and shoes of the main character belonged to me. I felt this was necessary artistic choice as the film reflects my own personal experience with loneliness.

The film was screened at the 50th Athens International Film and Video Festival, Ohio, as part of the Shorts - Experimental Category competition on the 14th April, 2023. 


CAST (in order of appearance):

Konstantina Skalionta " - PERFORMER - (nicknamed Μικρή Αννούλα) 

Lara Bastajian - VOICE OVER - Woman 1

Nicola Solomonides - VOICE OVER -  Laura Grace

Nicola Solomonides - VOICE OVER - Woman 2

Nicola Solomonides - VOICE OVER - Woman 3

Nicos Countas - VOICE OVER - Man 1

Nicos Countas - VOICE OVER - Man 3

Sakari Laurila - VOICE OVER - Man 2

Elena Rajkovic - VOICE OVER - Woman 4

Directing / Filming / Editing / Sound: Artemis Evlogimenou

Special thanks to Dimitris Savva and Emiddio Vasquez with their advice and help on the sound.

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